Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let the paperwork games BEGIN

We continue to be amazed stupid at all the support that has flooded in for "Wesley". Today I realized just how much work we have cut out for us [aka ME]. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! However, I don't feel that any of it will be impossible to accomplish in the timeline we have.

Friday is an all-day adoption day for the Vinson's! We each have appointments with our physicians to get any medical clearances out of the way. Then we head out of town to get Chanz's passport done, which will be expedited. We should have it in about 3 weeks. Thankfully there is a really good Chinese restaurant that we will stop at for lunch, the same place Tim and I ate when we got our passports made to adopt Chanz! We will then head back into town for Chanz's afternoon doc appointment, followed by the Sheriff's department for a clearance of some sort to prove we're not criminals. 

I think that is all the running around for this week, but we will see!

Exciting times! I'm off to take Chanz swimming at his cousin's house.


Jamie V

Monday, June 9, 2014

See That Mountain? Not Anymore

I was just standing outside, looking at the moon crested above the treeline and feeling peaceful. I thought, "I had no idea this would be my life. It's better than I could have planned!" That's saying a lot considering where I was a few years ago.

Prior to Chanz bouncing into our lives, we faced the devastation of infertility. So many tears and questions and why,why,why! All I ever wanted was to be a mom! However, I remembered my dream as a child to adopt children. I encouraged my parents to adopt before I was even a teen! I thought it was amazing. I never knew as a child that adopting is exactly what I would do.

Earlier this year, we pursued fertility treatments again. Despite responding to medication, there was still no pregnancy. I didn't feel hopeless this time, but I also didn't feel my heart was completely in it. One day I asked my husband:
"I'm going to ask you something. Say the first thing that comes to your mind, ok?"
 He looked up from his computer and said, "Okay... what?"
"Fertility treatments or adoption?" He masked his face with indifference but I could tell he was trying to get a read from me so he would answer "correctly". I was just as impassive.
Finally, he said, "Adoption."
"Good! That's what I was thinking, too" I said, " just wanted to make sure we were on the same page."

I never made anymore appointments. I also never imagined we would be presented with the opportunity to adopt just a short two months later!

As I was monitoring our fundraising page, hoping upon hope that the money would come in, I heard that still, quiet voice say, "Watch me work."

And so I did.

The next 2 days, our fundraising amounts quadrupled! Fifthdupled! I have no idea what you even call that. We got a lot of donations. I was floored, my husband was floored, Chanz is clueless.

I'm absolutely amazed at where we are. This child we are going to adopt has had so many concerned people advocating for him. I think he must be something special and I sure hope we can make him feel that way. Really looking forward to this journey!

Jamie V

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fundraising updates

$4,310 raised by 85 people in 4 days.

This is AMAZING. People I don't know, have never met, probably never will meet have reached out and helped out in a cause that they have no obligation for. Simply awe-struck by the generosity, love and concern!

We have lots of fundraisers in the making such as garage sales, a car wash, probably some baked goods. There is so much that needs to be done such as paperwork and getting this kid some clothes and a furnished bedroom! Thankfully I at least have a bed for him. 

I'm excited to see what this week brings in our journey towards Shi Quian. Tomorrow the real work begins. Lots of paperwork and traveling to and fro. We've been down this road before and we will proceed with confidence, although at a higher speed!

Jamie V

Saturday, June 7, 2014

And God said, "You look too comfortable over there" and so he moved things.

So I'm standing in a large crowd, the size of the world. In the center a child is presented and a voice says, "Who will take this child in? Who will give this child a chance at life?" A small murmur goes through the crowd. Much like everyone else, I'm looking left and right, standing on my toes to glimpse behind me and over people to see who would be making their way forward. A long pause, then the crowd starts to disperse. I'm getting confused. I'm thinking, "Wait, this is important, where is everyone going?" I step closer and gaze at the lone child standing in the center so very, very alone. I look around desperately. Who is going to come forward? Where is his savior? I look again at the child and realize I'm the only one left. So I step forward and say, "I will. I will take him and make him part of our family."

At least that's how I pictured it while having my daily book-writing-in-my-head while in the shower. It was a very startling realization to feel God was calling me to do something in the middle of the night, not in the least ready to take on something like adopting a child from CHINA with zero funding! Something impossible!

Well, it just so happens that impossible is one of my favorite things to conquer.

It has already been an interesting year. We were on the brink of being debt-free forever and moving up financially. Before I ever made that first huge payment I was laid off from my job. This was 75% of our total income! Because Chanz, my son, requires so much time and attention and I refuse to put him in daycare, job options are limited and we made the impossible decision that I would stay home and take care of things here. We couldn't afford it, but here we go! And you know what? We have survived. We're fed, have a roof over our heads, and we're all happy. 

What a difference it makes in our lives when it's God's will!

So here we are scraping by, trying to adjust our new way of living when I saw the plea for "Wesley", a child in China at risk for aging out of the orphanage. He already had a super family trying to adopt him but it wasn't working out. There was no one left! My heart was beating fast as that small, familiar echo of "YOU" started to rise from my spirit. "ME? ME! You're kidding, right? I can't even afford to get a pedicure, so... I'm going to bed".

And I didn't sleep a wink. 
I finally said, "Ok God. You win. You know my weakness is sleep. Please let me sleep, I'll adopt the boy! No idea how, but I know you'll make it happen!"
And so, here we are. 

Now don't get me wrong, we are not in the poorhouse. We have had to figure out how to live on a smaller budget and when you're used to buying whatever you want, whenever you want, well.. it's hard. I have the utmost confidence that we'll be back on our feet in no time. I've already been inspired to start a home-based business, but I'll expound on that at a later date.

For now, my cup is over flowing. I'm so excited at the prospect of having an older brother for Chanz, someone to play with him and take the lead, as well as having a family of 4! I can now say "Let's take the kids..." instead of "kid". I have a really good feeling about all of this and I can say it's because I know my Lord's voice. I know when He speaks into my life and that makes things so much easier and brighter!


Jamie V