Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let the paperwork games BEGIN

We continue to be amazed stupid at all the support that has flooded in for "Wesley". Today I realized just how much work we have cut out for us [aka ME]. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! However, I don't feel that any of it will be impossible to accomplish in the timeline we have.

Friday is an all-day adoption day for the Vinson's! We each have appointments with our physicians to get any medical clearances out of the way. Then we head out of town to get Chanz's passport done, which will be expedited. We should have it in about 3 weeks. Thankfully there is a really good Chinese restaurant that we will stop at for lunch, the same place Tim and I ate when we got our passports made to adopt Chanz! We will then head back into town for Chanz's afternoon doc appointment, followed by the Sheriff's department for a clearance of some sort to prove we're not criminals. 

I think that is all the running around for this week, but we will see!

Exciting times! I'm off to take Chanz swimming at his cousin's house.


Jamie V


  1. Hi! I didn't know if you were aware of a large grant that Wesley has on Reece's Rainbow? Please contact me so I can get you in contact with the person in charge of the grants. The grant needs to be applied for before Wesley comes home. Thanks!