Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letters to China

Today is the day I write the all important letter to Liam.

The purpose of the letter is to introduce ourselves to him and get him used to the idea of being adopted. I can only imagine how frightening it could be, knowing that your whole life will change. Not only leaving the only "home" he's ever known, but moving to a foreign country, with foreign people.

It's a pretty big deal.

We have a small care package ready to mail to him as well. When we mailed a package to Chanz, he did come to us with the bag we sent and the film from the disposable camera, but nothing else. The toys were likely absorbed somewhere in the orphanage. So, we are sending packaged candy for him to share, a disposable camera and our letter.

This is very important. I hope I was able to clearly speak love and family to him in a way that he can accept.

As far as fundraising, I have no idea how it is all going since I have left it in the capable hands of my friends. I just do not have the time to follow up on them but I am grateful for friends that are willing to step out for us. The garage sale didn't do too well, but it at least puts money in our hands for spending money that goes along with travel (hotels, food, etc). People are sharing our Facebook page "Racing to Wesley" to hopefully attract generous donors with a heart for orphans.

Not much news from the agency, still waiting on VISA paperwork to go through, then we can find out our travel dates and prepare to move forward.

I will update as soon as anything new pops up!