Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lady Bug Adoption Life

Sorry if this is so long, but I have a lot to say and a lot to remember!
This week I've noticed a lot of talk on adoption groups about spotting lady bugs, that seeing a lady bug in the adoption world is a very good sign. Say what? I'm an adoption world person, why don't I know about ladybugs?!" I smiled at the cute "good luck signs" and scrolled on. Well today, I couldn't help but notice all the lady bug stickers I kept spotting today. I was at Hobby Lobby, so it's probably not that miraculous, but I did take note. Would you believe that not only did we get our passports back today with our VISAs, but I got an update from the orphanage on Liam?? Well, maybe there is a little something to lucky lady bugs after all.... who knew!

As soon as my husband walked in the door I was shoving him to the computer to look at the new pictures we got of our son. He was happy and getting excited. Once I showed him the VISA stamps in our passports, he had to sit down. In an emotion-choked voice, the sound that we've both succumbed to more and more the closer it gets, he said, "Oh my gosh, this is real. This is happening. Oh my gosh". And he was smiling :)

Earlier that day, I stood in line, filled out confusing mailing slips and picked out the most expensive box at the post office (by accident!) to mail Liam's things to him. I meant to take pictures of what I was sending, but my brain has gotten more elusive here of late. I blame it all on the massive amounts of paperwork that we have been flying through over the past 6 weeks. In his box was a large bag of Starburst, a large bag of fruit chews, a disposable camera, a hardback photo book about his new home complete with Chinese captions and a letter written to him, in Chinese, about how we long to have him in our home. It is guaranteed to be delivered on Monday. ON MONDAY! On this day, Liam will learn about us and his new home! I can't even comprehend what will be going on in his head. What must he be thinking?! I hope upon hope that he is happy and excited, just as we are. What a big deal. I love it.

Lastly, today I bought up the rest of the gifts for officials, guides, etc. I bought bags of Starbucks Coffee, bandanas with Texas as its design, and Texas magnets, cinnamon toothpicks and huge chocolate candy bars depicting the Victorian age and stickers of various Texas or American culture.. I think I made a pretty good selection this time around. 

I also bought myself some instant coffee. All I have to do is pour it in a cup, add some hot water: done! I just need some of those little creamers. LOTS....of creamer.

We got some new (to us) furniture for the living room so that it will have matching pieces for once. Not really what either of us wanted, but it's decent and will get us by until our finances aren't so tied up. Clearing out Liam's room was a huge headache. That particular room has been empty for at least three years, and by empty I mean no human soul has dwelt there, but all our crap has. There were things I haven't seen in years! It is all moved out, and his room looks great. Take a look!
 Nevermind that junk in the hallway. Pay no attention to the junk behind the curtain! (Wizard of Oz reference)
And of course, there is Sinbad. That chihuahua stalks me tirelessly. 
 His bedroom is very blue. I hope he likes that color.
Oh lookie, he even has his own little chair in the corner!I wonder if he likes to read books..

So Liam's room is all ready for him. Unfortunately, all the stuff that was in there had to go somewhere. A lot of it went to Goodwill, but other parts are stacked in different rooms, out of place, with no home. Time is very strained for me, so getting around to finding homes for miscellaneous items is just something I don't have time. While normally sentimental and a holder-on-to-things, I'm now throwing things away. Trashing it! If there isn't room for it, it's outta here. I have more important things to worry about!

Sunday, after church, we meet with a few couples about our adoption situation to see if they would be willing to give us a grant to complete our adoption. We only joined this past Sunday as for-real members, and they have scrambled to make this meeting happen for us to help us out. Now that is something, right there. These people don't even know me! Definitely in the right place for my family. 

That's all the update I have for now. We fully expect to be in the air by next Thursday. That's a week and one day. W O W ! ! !

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