Friday, August 22, 2014

Gotcha Day August 17, 2014

The big day arrived, where we would birth a bouncing baby teenage boy! Something like that anyway, ha!
We had wondered into town for something (lunch? can't remember) Our guide received a phone call and said, "They are waiting in the lobby for us!" So we headed back to the hotel. Walking down those loud, dusty streets was a blur because I was excited to meet this kid! No time for nerves or second-guessing, the time was upon us.

We walked into the lobby of the hotel and we saw the representatives, but I didn't see him. Then he stood up. He was so small! I recognized the shirt he was wearing from some of the photos we had received in an update. He was smiling shyly and then... threw up.

They rushed him to the bathroom and my heart broke. I asked our guide if it's because he was so nervous, but he said no, he just got carsick. I was hoping that's all it was! I felt terrible for him. We went up to our room to sign some papers, then everyone left. It was just the 4 of us now, with no guide. He was watching Chanz with his iPad, so I gave him the iPhone to see what he would do.
Clearly the way to any boy's heart is through electronics!
He played Temple Run, since that is what Chanz had pulled up, and he was navigating it in no time. It took the pressure off of everyone to just watch him rather than all of us stare at one another uncomfortably. This went on for a little while, then it was time to go eat again. 

More noodles, of course. He ate it all. He was quiet but polite. Unfortunately, he truly did get car sick very easy. We had taxi ride after bus ride after taxi ride after bus ride.. poor kid was miserable. Those noodles he ate? We saw them again. :p
Trying to survive public transportation

Poor little guy!
Later that evening, we took Liam to a dinner at a local restaurant. Little did he know that he would see his friends that he knew from the orphanage, the Pine family! They had been adopted a year earlier. He walked into the restaurant all quiet and shy as he had been doing. When he finally realized who was in the room with us, his whole face lit up and he grinned from ear to ear! The boys were all so excited to see one another! We knew it did him some good that day. The boy's mom, Jodie, had been a contact for me in China to check up on Liam before we ever met him. Her family lives in China permanently and speak flawless Chinese. Jealous!

So happy to see his friends!

Chanz decided he likes David.

So cute. They held hands when they walked everywhere, just
so happy to be friends! Pure innocence. Love it.
So all in all, the first day went really well. Getting to see his friends seemed to crack his shell a little so we can get a peak inside this beautiful kid. The next day, the Pine's invited us for dinner and yet another surprise for Liam!

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