Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Later That Afternoon...

So apparently... according to this photo... we visited a martyr cemetery PARK. Weird! Well it was beautiful anyway. They were watering plants in different areas and it was the first time I had smelled earth and water in weeks! It almost smelled like home. China always has this smell of pollution, Chinese food and sewer in the air. Don't breathe in too deep, the next breath is likely to choke you! 

Liam and Chanz on a bridge in the park

Liam telling Daddy what the symbols mean

Carrying stuff the old way

My little Chanz

Liam in front of some structure, probably memoralizing
where someone died :'(

Walking the huge park. It's very beautiful

At the workout area of the park. There was an old man doing
sit ups and some thing where his legs were over his head. Quite
impressive! This one lady..not sure what she was doing. I told
Tim she looked like a 3 year old trying to dance.

Tim and Liam exercising

Heading back. Liam informed me that swimming was fun, but
this wasn't. lol

If you look just right, it's very beautiful here!

soooo many stairs

We ate at this restaurant called Tekila. It was
pretty good, but a little bit pricey. Tim and I had
fajitas, Liam had tortilla soup. Chanz had.. I can't
remember, but everyone ate well!

Mine and Chanz's bus tickets to Hong Kong tomorrow.
There should be 4 tickets :'( 
All in all, today was a good day. We were all hot from walking to the park. We had lunch at McDonalds, which was really good and Liam was happy for the air conditioning (haha, getting spoiled already!) We came back to the hotel room and met with a few ladies that our trying to push Liam's passport through rather than draw it out for 10 days or more. Waiting on a phone call to tell us what's up!

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