Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm breaking up with you, China

I am absolutely SICK over how the Chinese government has treated our situation. Or at least the Gansu province. They refused to process Liam's passport while we were in Lanzhou because our guide wasn't one of the special people listed on their little "list of acceptable agencies" to pay the fee to get the process started. Therefore, we headed to Guanzhou with an ID paper for Liam to at least get down here by the U.S. Consulate to make our appointment here.

Well, since they kept rejecting his passport and never started the process a week later, we now have to reschedule our U.S. Embassy appointment (which was tomorrow) as well as rearrange our flight schedule and pay more fees for that plus hotel stays; all because they want to throw in extra political red tape! We talked to one man at WACAP (our adoption agency) and he said what they are doing and how they have handled this is absolutely ridiculous, and I agree.

I agree so much that there will be no more adoptions for us from China. Nope. Done!

Chanz and I will return home on Friday as scheduled because we have a house to run and bills to pay and other things that I can't take care of from China. Chanz is already missing a week of school and I can tell he is frustrated from being away from what is familiar to him for so long.

I dread navigating airports and handling Chanz by myself. We will take a bus to Hong Kong and stay overnight there, just the 2 of us. This is scary to me! I am so unhappy. So very unhappy and just heartsick. We will have layovers in San Francisco (never been) Houston (should be ok) and finally arrive in Tyler.

With only half of my family.


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